About Hub Residential

Hub Residential is an innovative real estate business based in Swanbourne, Perth, led by Jamie Harrington. Hub Residential offers a better and progressive approach to real estate with its no-nonsense philosophy.

Jamie's long-standing relationships with clients and residents of the western suburbs community in which he lives, stand testament to his honesty and integrity when doing business. His view is that the real estate industry is constantly evolving and requires businesses to adapt and grow with improved resources and resilience.

Hub Residential is committed to providing exceptional services to its clients, with a focus on proven marketing activities, access to the latest technology, and staying ahead of the fast-moving industry. This approach allows clients to benefit from the greater reach and influence of Hub Residential's marketing activities, as well as its better buying power, which enables them to access the latest technology.

In addition to providing top-quality services to its clients, Hub Residential seeks to further expand its services by becoming a melting pot for the best industry professionals. This expansion will ensure that Hub Residential remains a leading real estate business in the western suburbs of Perth.

Overall, Hub Residential offers a unique and innovative approach to real estate that is focused on meeting the needs of its clients while staying ahead of the ever-changing industry. Whether you are buying or selling a property, Hub Residential is the right choice for anyone seeking a better, progressive, and no-nonsense approach to real estate.


Hub Residential
2/4 Gugeri Street, Claremont WA 6010

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